Maartje C. de Jong


I'm a postdoctoral researcher at Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging
and Free University Amsterdam, faculty of behavioural and movement sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I investigate the way our brain organizes and interprets sensory information.

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NEMO kennislink (in Dutch)

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Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
(in Dutch)

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I currently study the neural processing of illusory visual events using intracranial electro-encephalography recorded from epilepsy patients.

For my PhD project I investigated the influence of previous perceptual experience on interpretations of ambiguous images, using magnetic resonance imaging, scalp and intracranial electro-encephalography and psychophysics, focusing on the role of visual cortex in perceptual memory. [PDF]  [more info]

I am also interested in social neuroscience, particularly the influence of social information on sensory awareness. I studied joint attention, a cardinal social skill in typical human social cognition, and its influence on sensory processing. I also investigated face perception and visuospatial orienting in a clinical population with autism spectrum disorders. [more info]

I hold a PhD degree in visual neuroscience, a master's degree in cognitive neuroscience (cum laude) and a bachelor's degree in biology.

In my spare time I like to travel, do sports and I am a mother of two. [travel pics]