Maartje C. de Jong
Postdoctoral researcher at Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Welcome to my website. My research focuses on the way our brain organizes and interprets visual information to build a meaningful image of the world around us. I investigate this by measuring brain activity while participants view multi-interpretable visual images, optical illusions or visual cues.

I use magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), intracranial electro-encephalography (ECoG) and scalp electro-encephalography (EEG). My research interests include visual ambiguity, binocular rivalry, perceptual learning and face perception.


Amsterdam Brain and Cognition centre (ABC) Talent grant awarded in 2019 (125K euro) [link]

Interview Trouw Levenslessen (in Dutch) [link]

PhD thesis [PDF]

Article about my PhD research by
NEMO kennislink (in Dutch) [link]

Article about my PhD thesis by
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
(in Dutch) [link]

Dance Your PhD Contest [video]

I currently study the perception of visual illusions using pharmacology, intracranial electro-encephalography (ECoG) and 7-tesla functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

For my PhD project I investigated the influence of previous perceptual experience on interpretations of ambiguous images, using fMRI, scalp EEG, ECoG and psychophysics, focusing on the role of visual cortex in perceptual memory. [PDF]  [more info]

I am also interested in social neuroscience, particularly the influence of social information on sensory awareness. I investigated face perception and visuospatial orienting in a clinical population with autism spectrum disorders. [more info]

My background is in Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience. I have a PhD degree in visual neuroscience, a master's degree in cognitive neuroscience (cum laude) and a bachelor's degree in biology. In my spare time I like to travel, do sports and I am a mother of two.

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